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An Exclusive Interview with Rachael Dahn aka Libdiva

Rachael Dahn was a radio personality at Radio Ducor, got her break in the media industry in 2011. From there, the Liberian native landed on the TMZ Radio in 2013 and eventually created her own blog, The Scoop.

But after 10 years in the media business, Rachael is going down a different path into the fashion industry, selling clothes in her recently created LaDiva Fashion.  It’s an online women’s shopping outlet, which includes her swimsuit line “Ladiva”. Check out our interview with Rachael below: 

What inspired you to launch a swimsuit line? 

It was actually Berenice mulubah. We were on the phone couple of years ago. I did a sexy shoot, and she said, you should start your lingerie line. You got some beautiful curves and I think curvy women should be your focus. I thought of it for months and finally decided on doing a swimsuit line. I felt there wasn’t a lot for us curvy African women out there. The outpour of support is amazing.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your life and why? 

Starting my swimwear line. I didn’t know how to go about it, I reached out to few friends for some ideas, then I had to figured where would I get the funds to start such business. With me working a 9-5 job, can barely pay all my bills with one job, how would I raise such funds. I did all my research and found out that I needed $5,000 to start. But with the help of my mom and my older sister, they were able to raised few bucks to get started. I’m forever grateful to the both of them.

Which famous person are you inspired by or appreciate the most and why? 

Beyonce and Jay-z. 

I admired their hustle. She could have chosen any man to be with, but she choose Jay. She saw potential in him, together they have built their wealth. Now they are the riches black couple/celebrity.

I need me a man that can build wealth with me.  You got to see the vision and believe in it too. I love to see successful black couple. They inspired me.

What negative things have you heard about yourself and how do you feel hearing those things? 

That I was a side chick which I will never ever be. I got played by ex.  But sometimes we meet few people in life that show us the good and bad side of this thing call “LIFE. I had made some bad decisions about relationship, but they had mold me to be a better person. Sometimes we made bad choices which have consequences and I’m paying the price now. I’m glad I went through that storm and came out gracefully.

If you could write a book, which topic would you choose and why? 

Omg, I always wanted to write my own autobiography. The life of a Diva. I think it would be inspiring to lots of women who had walked in my shoes. From relationships, childbearing, unmarried at my age which society frown on, like its all your fault. I want women out there to know there is still life beyond all that. We all don’t need to have the same life goals, but we all can choose our own paths in life.

Tell me something about yourself that will shock your fans.

I was once enlisted in the police force but didn’t like the experience. Growing up I always wanted to be a police officer, you know catching the bad guys and putting them behind bars for their crimes.

 I was fascinated by all that and dreamed of becoming one someday.

Racheal Dahn is fascinating and innovative. Her swimsuit line “Ladiva” is rapidly becoming a household name. Don’t hesitate to make an order. 


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