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Exclusive Interview: Cece Maintain Discusses Collaboration and more

Cece Maintain is the most controversial and possibly the most additive personality in the Liberian entertainment industry. Despite the criticisms, the Liberian actress and talk show host has a huge and loyal fan base. Cece keeps her fans entertained by being loud, boastful and unapologetic. Check out our interview below: 

The Maintain was one of your greatest contribution to the entertainment industry, could you ever see yourself going back to producing that show? Why or why not? 

No. The Liberian community didn’t see the value in it. I was paying $600 monthly, on a local tv network to air the show, but I lost the spot because the rating was so low. The show didn’t get the support I needed to keep it running. 

What are your goals and vision for the next ten years? 

I want to be able to provide job opportunities for young Liberians. My goal is to open a big factory, manufacturing beauty and fashion products. 

Do you have any intention of returning to acting? 

No, my days of acting is behind me. I’m moving from in front of the camera to behind the camera. I have two movie scripts that I’m preparing to produce. 

 what has been your biggest accomplishment in the Liberian entertainment industry?

I am the richest talk show host. It can’t get any bigger than that. Currently, I have $38,000 in my savings account and I have the receipt to prove it. 

Do you think liberian females will ever work together? 

Because I am the richest, I am willing to put my differences aside and focus on the bigger picture, which is our love for the industry. I think we should all learn to put our differences aside and work. 

Any message for your fans? 

My fans are like my family, they are all in richville with me. I am grateful that they I willing to accept me for who I am, and support me, especially my customers. 


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